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The room was blurry and came only slowly into focus. A yawn escaped his mouth as he stretched out his arms. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat upright.

He was still feeling really sleepy as he got up. He failed to notice his boxers slipping down and him stepping out of them. Slowly he made his way to the bathroom, eyes still half closed. Another yawn when he turned on the shower.

“What happened to my boxers?” he thought, discovering he wasn’t wearing any in his attempt to grab them. He shrugged “I’ll find them later, probably back in the bedroom”.

He stepped into the shower and turned his gaze towards the mirror expecting to see his sleepy face. His eyes widened as not his face met him in the mirror. Well it was kind of his face but not exactly. It was more feminine in shape, the skin smoother and the eyes kinder. Also the five o’clock shadow he expected was not there.

Reaching up with his arm to touch his chin, perhaps to feel if there really wasn’t a stubble, he noticed the feeling of hair on his upper arm. And also contact between his arm and something that he should not have.

Still looking into the mirror his eyes shot towards his upper arms and immediately after down towards his stomach. He was met with long straight hair reaching to his upper arms, the color was his own chestnut brown.

He slowly lowered the hand which was still on his chin and raised the other. He had in his hand the same skin he felt on his arm just a mere second or 4 before. Slowly cupping them, giving them a slight squeeze, he established he had genuinely female breasts.

He then feared the worst, he gulped and averted his gaze past his newly acquired breasts to find out he was right. It was gone, he slowly lowered one of his hands as to confirm once again his eyes were not deceiving him. His fingers met with female private parts.

He panicked, what was happening, how is this even possible. He again explored his new body with his eyes and hands, hoping he was somehow imagining this.

Realizing his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him he placed his hands on the washbasin in front of him. “C’mon man, what’s going on?” he thought “This isn’t possible”. “Get it together man” he mumbled “You still have to meet with Liz today”. “What would she say? Would she recognize him? Or perhaps I shouldn’t go” he thought.

Liz was a female friend of his, he had known her for 15 years now. They are exact opposites in behavior, he usually calm and relaxed and she, well she was kind of a stressed person. Fuzzing over the smaller things in life, something he just couldn’t worry about.

So in a spout of nonsense they came up with what they would call their “Play dates”. At first they weren’t serious about it until Liz one day asked if the play date agreement was serious. “Yeah sure” he had answered, still thinking they weren’t serious. She had then reached into her bag, nervously pulling out a roll of duct tape. “Tape me up” she said with a shy, slight embarrassed smile.

And thus their play dates had started, every so often they would meet up and he would tie her up. Today happened to be one of those days.

After a nice warm shower he had managed to calm down somewhat. Now a bit calmer he decided to take a step back to get a better overall look in the mirror. He was slimmer in his belly and waist area, his butt smaller and firm. “Ah that explains my boxer disappearing, must have slipped off” he thought. His breasts, his guess, a D cup. “Not too big, not too small” he smirked.

“At least I still think like a man” he thought. “But what now, I only have my own clothing” he mumbled to himself.

He walked back to the bedroom, finding his boxers on the ground. He picked them up and threw them on a pile of other dirty clothing somewhere in a dark corner of his room.

As in most male rooms there was a chair, a chair packed with clothing. He rummaged through them and picked the smallest boxer he could find and put them on. “Hmm still a bit too loose, but it’ll have to do” he thought while retrieving clean socks, pants and a shirt from the pile.

A quick glance on the clock told him he had only an hour before he would meet Liz at her place. He had decided he would go and see if she could help somehow.

After quickly dressing himself he went into the kitchen to make some breakfast and a cup of tea. “Aaah a nice cup of tea calms the nerves” he said to his cat. It meowed in reply, and then another as to say “Give me food”.

After finishing his breakfast and tea, he fed the cat, grabbed his stuff and went out. He lived in an apartment building and was hoping none of his neighbors where in the staircase and hall downstairs. To his big relieve it was deserted, quickly making his escape through the front door.

Once outside a warm breeze met his skin and the sun hit him in the face. It was a nice day out, children laughing in the playground opposite the street. He walked towards the bus stop getting a few gazes from people passing by. This wasn’t too weird, seeing he wore male’s clothing not really fitting his “new” female body.

Once at the bus stop it was just a short wait for the bus. The driver greeted him as he paid for his ticket, it was a weird thing. He had seen this driver many times before, but the driver gave no notion of recognizing him in his current state.

He sat down and before he knew he was at the stop he needed to get out. “Thanks” he said as he got out. The bus stop was just a short walk from Liz’s house. Walking over he mulled once again how she would react, if she would recognize him.

A deep sigh as he stood in front of the door ringing the bell. It opened and a blonde girl stood in the doorway “Can I help you?” she asked. He heard the gears in her brain rattle as he gave an awkward smile.

“Leon?” she muttered. He nodded “The one and only”. A feeling of relief rushed over him. She had recognized him.

“Wha.. How…Huh?” she uttered with a look of great confusion. He shrugged “Woke up like this, no idea what’s happening”. “Now can I come in please?” he asked. “Yeah yeah, uuuh sure come in” she answered taken aback by what she was seeing.

She also lived alone, although her place was tidier then his. “Want some tea, Leon?” she asked as he sat down on the sofa. “Yeah thanks” he answered glancing over to her. “How’d you recognize me?” he asked. “That silly smile of yours, I’d recognize that anytime” she answered.

“So you woke up like this” more a statement then a question. She put down tea for both and sat down opposite him. He nodded and gave her a puzzling look “Why?”.

“Nothing” she said, her deep blue eyes giving away something else. “Oh, I know that look, you are scheming something are you?”. She tried to give him her most innocent look and smiled “Of course not”.

They drank their tea and the suspicious feeling he had faded as they enjoyed some small talk. Mainly a lot of questions how he was feeling and if he had called the doctor.

“Well shall we start with our play date then?” she asked already getting up from her seat. He nodded and followed her into the next room. It was her bedroom, nothing had changed since the last time he was here. On the nightstand 3 rolls of tape and a clean panty.

She walked up to the nightstand and grabbed a roll. He extended his hand “Give me the roll and we can sta..”. Before he could finish his sentence she had turned him around and started taping his wrists together.

“Wha… What are you doing?” he yelped. “You always have all the fun, now it’s my turn” she answered. Usually he would have had the strength to fight her off, but with this female body he wasn’t able to.

“I will buy you a new one” she said. And before he could say what she had cut him out of his shirt. For a split second he thought he saw a look of annoyance. “Of course his are bigger than mine” she thought, indeed a little annoyed.

She undid the button of his pants and slid them down “Really boxers?”. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow “Yeah I am still a guy you know”. She shook her head “That won’t do”. She opened a drawer and grabbed a pair of dark purple panties and a red and black thong out of it “Which one?”. “Oh no no no, that is not going to happen” he said.

“Fine, then I’ll pick” she smiled. “Liz, no” he said again more firmly. She put the panties back in the drawer and walked towards him. “We can do this easy or hard, and seeing your wrists are already taped you might want to take the easy way” she smirked.

He let out a sigh “Ugh… fine” he raised his leg so she could put on the thong. “It suits you” she said eyeing him up and down. “Yeah whatever” he mumbled, his face red with embarrassment.

Grabbing the roll of tape again she moved behind him. She reached out in front of him and started taping his arms to his back. Three times around under the breasts and three times around above the breasts.

She then did the same at the height of the stomach taping his wrists to his back, looping it 3 times. “Wow, this is tight” he remarked, trying to move his arms. “Welcome to what I endure with you” she smirked “Not that I mind of course”.

She pushed him down on his knees and taped both lower legs to the upper legs so he could not get up. “Could you sit on your butt” she asked. He shifted his legs and managed to get in a sitting position.  She now started taping his upper legs to his chest, looping  it 5 times around his back and upper legs.

“Really? I can’t move an inch” he gasped trying to move his legs. She kept quiet. “Hey Liz, did y….mppphhh” the panties from the nightstand now pressed into his mouth. She quickly wrapgagged the panties in there, giving it a good 4 loops “You won’t spit those out anytime soon”.

“Mmmpphh” he moaned in defeat. “Well now I see why you think this is fun, I could get used to this” she said eyeing her handywork “You’re not going anywhere Leon”.

He shot her an annoyed look as she imitated his slight moans muffled by the gag. “Ahw are you annoyed” she teased. “Aroused are we Leon?” she asked rubbing the thong he was wearing “It would seem your female private parts are working, you are wet as hell down there”.

He had to admit, he was aroused, and her hand rubbing the thong suddenly felt very good.

“Well one more thing left to do” she said grabbing the roll again. “Mmpph??” he moaned giving her a puzzled look “What more could she possibly do?”. She grabbed his hands, put the palms together and taped them together with a good 5 loops. Now he wasn’t even able moving his fingers properly.

“Job well done” she stated “Don’t you think Leon?”. “Hmm hmm” he hummed in agreement. He had to give it to her, he wasn’t going anywhere like this.

“Now for a little make up and a hairdo that fits your damsel in distress moment”  she said with a big smile.

Before he could do anything she had put on some eye shadow, mascara for the eyelashes and some eye liner. Then grabbing 2 hairbands she tied her hair in twin pigtails “Well aren’t you a pretty girl”.

“Mppphhh” he grunted, even more embarrassed and possibly even wetter down there. “Don’t be cranky” she chuckled giving him a last inspecting look.

Convinced he wasn’t going to get free she grabbed her jacket “I have to go to the store, I’ll be back in about half an hour, if you are not free by then, well I’ll keep you like this till tomorrow morning”.

“Mmpppaatt” he moaned looking at her. “See ya in half an hour Leon, you’d better start struggling” she smirked. She left and he heard the front door close.

Not sure what to do he sat there wondering. He regained composure and started testing his bonds. He tried to move his legs, his arms, his fingers, learning that it was to no avail. It was so tight he wasn’t even able to stretch out the tape.

Soft moaning en gasps escaped the gag while his breathing got more rapid and intensive. “Melphh” he moaned, the sound muffled by his gag. He noticed his female sounding moans “Wow that sounds sexy”.

He struggled and moaned some more trying to break or perhaps stretch the tape but it just wouldn’t budge. He gave a look around the room. His eyes fell upon a pair of scissors lying on the desk not too far away.

To the best of his abilities, which is hard bound and gagged, he slowly scurried his way over to the desk. Every inch took a great deal of energy.

He bumped his knee into the desk and the scissors fell. He felt relieved, he would be free soon. However this euphoria was short lived. With his palms taped together he wasn’t able to pick up, let alone use the scissors.

“Mmpphh” he grunted annoyed “Mmphat mimmph”. He let himself fall on his side, perhaps now he was able to get some movement. The effect remained the same, it was just to tight.

The fact he couldn’t get free started to affect him on a psychological level. He was stuck in a female body, lying on the ground tightly bound and gagged. The thong he was wearing wet with his own juices.  Something he had only seen happen with Liz.

A weird feeling started welling up inside his belly, and before he could wonder what it was his body started shivering and quivering, loud moans escaping his gagged mouth as he gasped with every shudder.

“Was that a female orgasm?” he wondered “Wow, so intense”.

“Mmph mmpphh” he panted trying to catch his breath.  But before he could calm down the feeling in his belly started again.
He started twitching again, that same feeling, that same intense breathing. He was exhausted now. “How am I ever gonna get out now?” he thought.

The front door opened “Hey I am back”. He gave a look at the clock and saw that 35 minutes had already passed and he wasn’t anymore free then he was when she left.

She entered her bedroom and viewed the scene. A heavy panting bound and gagged girl lying on the floor, scissors next to her hands. “Well Leon, seems you didn’t have any luck”.

“Had any orgasms?” she asked “I usually have them when you tie me up”. She blushed “I never told you did I?”.
It mattered little, he had known, he had seen the same shuddering and quivering with her as just had happened to him.

"Mpphuuhhuu” he moaned and nodded.  “How many?” she smirked. “Mpphoo” he mumbled. She laughed “Nice, 2 orgasms. But seeing you didn’t get free. We are having a sleep over”.

“Mppphh mpphh mppphh” he moaned looking at her with pleading eyes. How is he going to keep this up.

“No use pleading” she smirked while lifting him up the bed. He fell over on his side again, he could not keep his centre on this soft mattress “We are gonna have some more fun Leon, could even bring out the vibrator”.

She sat down next to him turning on the tv and lay down her head on his hips.
This was going to be a very very long exhausting night.
A big shock and big suprise
Well finally grinegade has come back to Deviantart. Just a short one. Got some inspiration from a dream I had xD. The brain works in mysterious ways.
  • Listening to: Anything Metal
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Tea
So here we are again, December.... this time it's 2015, reading my previous journal entry I realized the year was over before I could once again post anything. Been a tough year, lot's happened, my personal situation changed alot. On the other hand, it might give some time to actually start writing again. We'll see what happens.
  • Listening to: Anything Metal
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Tea
So here we are again, December.... this time it's 2015, reading my previous journal entry I realized the year was over before I could once again post anything. Been a tough year, lot's happened, my personal situation changed alot. On the other hand, it might give some time to actually start writing again. We'll see what happens.

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